Take a look at what our clients say...

"I just had my make up done now. Like it soo much...Love it <3"

                                                      -Bilgen (4 years ago)

"My henna is sooo beautiful. I wish I could do mehndi like this, you are really talented!"

                                                      -Fyza Yasir (2 years ago)

"Love my design!"

                                                     -Robyn Aguilar (4 years ago)

"My sister just had her makeup and henna done (bronze). When I saw it, I was like omg I want that"

                                                     -Tufah Ali (1 year ago)

"Wow factor thank you."

                                                    -Suzanne Amsalem (2 years ago) 

"Someone in my family loves your work so much that she's made you her personal henna designer"

                                                     -Younus Simonds (5 years ago)

"Hey :o) awwsom henna designs as usual!!! Keep up the good work (o:"

                                                    -Your regular customer (6 years ago)

" This girl has come to my house to do my makeup and henna for a baby shower party. I am very satisfied with how quickly she had done her job. The makeup took 1 hour and a full set henna ( palms and back of hands) took only 1 hour for! Her designs are superb and she is skilled more than many other artist that I visited."

                                                    -Leona Jakow (2 years ago)

" Thanks for a lovely mehndi you did for me for Diwali" 

                                                    -Gillian, University of East London  (6 years ago)

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