Quick Facts

  • We specialise in a wide range of makeup occasions, including asian bridal makeup
  • We use only quality cosmetics from well-known brands such as Loreal, Benefit and MAC
  • For bridal makeup, we offer trials where a desired look will be analysed and tried on to recreate flawlessly on your special day. 

What's in our portfolio

Our portfolio contains some of the work performed on our clients ranging from brides-to-be to prom girls who where highly  satisfied with the results and kindly allowed us to share these personality changing looks with you. 

Want to try something rather different

We welcome curiosity and any looks that come with it.  Therefore, we will work closely with you to help you recreate just that look you have in your mind.


What's in our henna mix?

We use pre-mixed, ready to use natural henna purchased from reliable and trusted suppliers. It's made of pure henna powder with addition of lemon juice, sugar and essential oils. This normally gives a dark red saturated stain and a long lasting effect  lasting for up to two weeks. We do not use henna products that contain PPD (Paraphenylenediamine) chemical. 

We do also use a PPD free "Black henna" on request for those wishing to achieve a darker shade, however, this is normally supplied by the client themselves and the consent to hennae the client is signed.

 The final shade of a natural henna stain may vary from person to person and will depend on several factors such as the type of skin and the stain aftercare. A leaflet containing henna aftercare instructions and tips will be provided on having your henna done.